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Not posted for a while as I have been so busy at my new school. Finally I can put some upload some photos of my displays for you!

My favourite display at the moment is my ‘Star of the Week’ display. It’s bright and colourful and sits just behind my desk. It took a while to make but I’m so happy with results. You will see from my other displays there isn’t much up yet! This is due to a number of things.

1) I am having nightmare with the other people that share my building, my classes are in a cabin which used to be the SEN and Nurture room. The adults and the children really don’t want to give it up! There are 20-30 kids in my room every break and lunch time. There is constantly a stream of staff walking through the room whilst a teach and they are constantly complaining/saying how much the room has changed. They ask if they can have wall space, if they can use and put cabinets in the room. I wouldn’t mind but this wasn’t the plan. I am dealing with it at the moment but if it continued I will have to speak to senior staff. (I hope this doesn’t happen!!)

2) Our timetable has been so full of initial assessments and early lunch times that we have had NO time for normal lessons and the fire no time for display work!

To say I am stressed is an understatement at the minute. I have a million things to do and not enough time in the day to do them in.

Things will improve. OfSted are on the are you see.

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Lady Bamboo

P.S. The picture for star of the week will be up soon. Just need to make sure the kids names aren’t on the display!!! Going to bed now as extremely tired!

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